`Why I Coach’

`Why I Coach’

Some of our dedicated coaches share their thoughts on the rewards of coaching

Coaching means a lot of hard work, many hours in the gym, and, especially for those coaching rep teams, some amount of stress along the way! VBA is fortunate to have on its team a number of dedicated & hardworking Coaches that are committed to training and leading our youth in their quest for excellence, both on & off the basketball court.

With this in mind, SWISH spoke to some members of our family of Coaches to find out what they find most rewarding about coaching, and why they see past any obstacles to make the commitment that they make.

Coach Christopher Michaels has been coaching girls` basketball for a number of years. Last year he joined the Vaughan Basketball family & is the Head Coach of our Midget Girls team. Coach Michael does not have a daughter on the team, yet he spends hours a week to help the girls improve – why? He feels that coaching is important in order to give back to the community: “I feel my life has been blessed in many ways, and I coach to give back. During the coaching it is very rewarding to see the girls move from a very basic level to…where they can accomplish something. One thing you are not allowed to say in my practices is “I can’t”. ”

Here’s what some of our other dedicated coaches had to say about their reasons for coaching:

“Just seeing the kids improve…and getting joy out of playing basketball. We`re here to make playing basketball fun for kids.“ Coach Zach – currently coaches VBA House League.

“ It is fulfilling to help the children achieve their dreams to get to a higher level…they`re happy, they`re proud“ Coach Nathan – currently an Assistant Coach with the Vaughan Panthers Basketball Club 2001 team.

“It`s been really fun…Seeing the improvement of the kids. Setting up a play & seeing the kids execute it. Seeing the players progress & move to the next level. .. Medalling two years in a row was very good for us – I`m excited & getting ready for next season! “ Coach Richard – is currently the Head Coach of the Vaughan Panthers Basketball Club 2001 team.

“It is rewarding seeing the players successfully incorporate something you taught them & being a role model for the kids. Getting the kids focused to achieve a goal one step at a time. Winning Gold at the Ontario Cup Provincial Championships was about breaking a big goal down into smaller, achievable tasks, and winning one game at a time. “ Coach Curtis – was part of the Coaching team for the Vaughan Panthers Basketball Club 1997 team.

Vaughan Basketball would like to thank all our hardworking coaches for their commitment & dedication!

Interested in coaching? Contact us at info@vaughanbasketball.com